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-<samples name="Using Sources">
-<group name="Back">
<sample name="Back" href="../"> Back to the samples home page. </sample>
-<group name="Note">
<note> Some of these samples require XSP to be present in order to work. </note>
-<group name="Static XML With Static XSL">
<sample name="All Static" href="all-static"> This is the simpliest sample, similar to the "Hello World!". </sample>
-<group name="Obtaining XSP Source">
<sample name="Plain XSP" href="xsp/file"> Source is obtained from local file </sample>
<sample name="This sitemap XSP" href="xsp/cocoon"> Source is obtained via cocoon:/source </sample>
<sample name="Root sitemap XSP" href="xsp/cocoon-root"> Source is obtained via cocoon://sub/source </sample>
<sample name="External XSP" href="xsp/http"> Source is obtained via http://<serverName>[:<serverPort>][/<contextPath>]/samples/sources/xsp/source </sample>
<sample name="Dynamic XSP" href="xsp/dynamic"> Source is generated dynamically and obtained as Cocoon source cocoon:/dynamic-source </sample>
-<group name="Obtaining XSL Source">
<sample name="Plain XSL" href="xsl-file"> XSL is obtained from local file </sample>
<sample name="This sitemap XSL" href="xsl-cocoon"> XSL is obtained via cocoon:/xsl-source, processed by this sitemap directly. </sample>
<sample name="Root sitemap XSL" href="xsl-cocoon-root"> XSL is obtained via cocoon://sub/xsl-source, processed by root sitemap. </sample>
<sample name="External XSL" href="xsl-http"> XSL is obtained via http://<serverName>[:<serverPort>][/<contextPath>]/samples/sources/xsl-source </sample>
<sample name="Dynamic XSL" href="xsl-dynamic"> XSL is dynamically generated and obtained as Cocoon source cocoon:/xsl-dynamic-source. </sample>
-<group name="Dynamic XSP With Dynamic XSL">
<sample name="All Dynamic" href="xsp/all-dynamic"> Combines last XSP sample with last XSL sample: XSP is obtained via Cocoon source cocoon:/dynamic-source, and processed by XSL obtained via Cocoon source cocoon:/xsl-dynamic-source. </sample>
-<group name="Uploaded XML through Static XSL">
<sample name="Uploaded XML" href="xml-upload"> Demonstrates use of upload:// pseudo-protocol. </sample>
-<group name="ZIP Source">
<sample name="Simple ZIP source example" href="zip/test.xml"> Read test.xml file from test.zip ZIP archive </sample>
<sample name="OpenOffice - content.xml" href="zip/content.xml"> Read content.xml file out of test.sxw OpenOffice document. </sample>