Avalon 3.0 alpha released!
11 Oct 2000 - Avalon 3.0. This is the latest release of the Apache Server Framework. It includes security pattern enforcement, and improved deployment and enhanced classloading. Documentation has been completely renewed.
Java Apache Mail Enterprise Server (JAMES) 1.1 Released!
27 Jul 2000 - JAMES 1.1 is the second release of a 100% pure Java Mail Server which implements our Mailet (similar to Servlet) technology to provide a powerful mail based application server. It is based on the Avalon server framework.
Apache JServ 1.1.2 Released!
17 Jun 2000 - Apache JServ 1.1.2 has been released. This version fixes some minor bugs. Please see the change log for details.
Apache Jetspeed 1.2b1 Released!
15 Jun 2000 - Apache Jetspeed 1.2b1 has been released. This version provides an implementation of iCalendar (RFC 2445), Portal Structure Markup Language (PSML) and numerous performance improvements.
Apache JServ
This new generation comes with: major performance improvements, improved installation and documentation, tons of bug fixes, and much more.
Apache Avalon Framework
The Avalon project is an effort to create, design, develop and maintain a common framework for server applications written using the Java language. This framework will not be a standalone product, but will allow existing and yet to be created server applications to fit into a common platform and to share code, design and human resources.
Apache JMeter
The 100% pure, swing enabled, Java URL profiler/analyzer to test your server performance, your servlet performance, to stress your servlets with heavy multi-threading concurrent requests and much more...
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