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The goal of the Jakarta Project is to provide commercial-quality server solutions based on the Java Platform that are developed in an open and cooperative fashion.

The Jakarta Project has nothing to do, nor condones, the unfortunate situtation in East Timor. For more information about why the project is named "Jakarta" click here.

Tomcat: Java Servlets and JavaServer Pages Reference Implementation

The flagship product, Tomcat, is a world-class implementation of the Java Servlet 2.2 and JavaServer Pages 1.1 Specifications. This implementation will be used in the Apache Web Server as well as in other web servers and development tools.

The Tomcat Implementation is currently in beta form. We are working diligently on merging the current Apache Jserv Project's source code with the Sun code. We expect to have a final release of Tomcat by the end of 1999. To learn more about the various Tomcat releases, click here.

Anyone Can Participate

The Jakarta Project is composed of members of the current Apache Jserv Project, engineers from major corporations such as Sun and IBM, and serious, committed developers at large. All interested developers are welcome to join and participate. To learn more about getting involved, click here.

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