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  Input Modules

Input Modules

Modules are used to access input and output data in modular way. Below there are samples for some of the available input modules.

BaseLinkModuleBaseLink properties
ChainMetaModuleChained values
CookieModuleCookie values
DefaultsModuleDefault (static) values
GlobalInputModuleAccess to the global variables defined in the sitemap.
NamingInputModuleJNDI Resources. This sample does not work with built-in Jetty as it does not provide JNDI.
PropertiesFileModuleProperties file values
RandomNumberModuleRandom number
RealPathModuleReal filesystem paths of context paths
RequestModuleRequest object properties
RequestParameterModuleRequest parameters
SessionModuleSession object properties
SessionAttributeModuleSession attributes
SystemPropertyModuleSystem properties (environment variables)
URLEncodeModuleURLEncode passed parameter
URLDecodeModuleURLDecode passed parameter
XMLFileModuleXML node values
XPathXMLFileModuleXML node values