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Nonrule Policy ATC-009

NOTICE: Under IC 4-22-7-7, this document is required to be published in the Indiana Register and is effective on its date of publication. It shall remain in effect until the date it is superseded or deleted by the publication of a new document in the Indiana Register. The publication of the document will provide the general public with information about the Alcohol and Tobacco Commission's (ATC) official position concerning a specific issue.

DISCLAIMER: This nonrule policy is being established by the ATC consistent with its authority under IC 7.1-2-3-2 and IC 7.1-2-3-31. It is intended solely as guidance and shall be used in conjunction with applicable rules or laws. It does not replace applicable rules and laws, and, if it conflicts with these rules or laws, the rules or laws shall control.

AUTHORIZED: Alex D. Huskey, Chairman


SUBJECT: The purpose of this nonrule policy is to implement a uniform procedure for the approval of events for which a gaming site permit holder may provide alcoholic beverages to guests without charge. IC 7.1-3-17.5-6.

SCOPE: Gaming site permit holders may provide alcoholic beverages to guests without charge at an event subject to the approval of the ATC. IC 7.1-3-17.5-6.

POLICY: Pursuant to IC 7.1-3-17.5-6, "the holder of a gaming site permit may, subject to the aproval [sic] of the commission, provide alcoholic beverages to guests without charge at an event on the licensed premises.".

To facilitate mandated ATC approval, gaming site permit holders shall submit to the ATC a Notice of Event. The required form is attached hereto as Exhibit 1. The Notice of Event shall be submitted to the ATC not later than seven days prior to the scheduled training.

  Permit Number:     
  Start Date/Time:     
  End Date/Time:     
  Expected Number of Guests:     

You must send this form to either:
Indiana State Excise Police
3650 South US Highway 41
Vincennes, Indiana 47591

*Form must be received at least 7 days prior to the scheduled event.

Posted: 08/01/2012 by Legislative Services Agency

DIN: 20120801-IR-905120448NRA
Composed: Feb 24,2020 9:29:52PM EST
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