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Nonrule Policy ATC-007

NOTICE: Under IC 4-22-7-7, this document is required to be published in the Indiana Register and is effective on its date of publication. It shall remain in effect until the date it is superseded or deleted by the publication of a new document in the Indiana Register. The publication of the document will provide the general public with information about the Alcohol and Tobacco Commission's (ATC) official position concerning a specific issue.

DISCLAIMER: This nonrule policy is being established by the ATC consistent with its authority under IC 7.1-2-3-2 and IC 7.1-2-3-31. It is intended solely as guidance and shall be used in conjunction with applicable rules or laws. It does not replace applicable rules and laws, and, if it conflicts with these rules or laws, the rules or laws shall control.

AUTHORIZED: Alex D. Huskey, Chairman


SUBJECT: The purpose of this nonrule policy is to implement a uniform procedure for the administration of out-of-state direct wine seller permit applications governed by the ATC.

SCOPE: The ATC may issue a direct wine seller's permit to an applicant who meets all the requirements outlined in IC 7.1-3-26-7.

POLICY: Pursuant to IC 7.1-3-26-7(a)(7), the applicant shall complete all documentation regarding the applicant's application required by the commission. The applicant shall submit the following documents:
1. Application for new or transfer permit;
2. Supplement to application for new or transfer permit for direct wine seller's permit;
3. Permit to manufacture wine in state where applicant is domiciled;
4. TTB license;
5. Indiana certificate of authority1;
6. Indiana Department of Revenue Business Tax Application – Form BT-1;
7. Surety bond; and
8. $100 fee.


1If applicant is an out-of-state partnership or sole proprietor, applicant shall file an assumed business name with the Marion County Recorder.

Posted: 08/01/2012 by Legislative Services Agency

DIN: 20120801-IR-905120446NRA
Composed: Feb 24,2020 9:43:35PM EST
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