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Notice of Intent to Readopt
LSA Document #07-60

Readopts rules in anticipation of IC 4-22-2.5-2, providing that an administrative rule adopted under IC 4-22-2 expires January 1 of the seventh year after the year in which the rule takes effect unless the rule contains an earlier expiration date. Effective 30 days after filing with the Publisher.

OVERVIEW: Rules to be readopted without changes are as follows:

856 IAC 1-1.1Definitions
856 IAC 1-2-4Service by mail sufficient notice
856 IAC 1-3.1Examination and Experience Requirements
856 IAC 1-6.1-1Pharmacy equipment; lack of access between adjacent pharmacies
856 IAC 1-7Pharmacy Permits
856 IAC 1-13General Definitions
856 IAC 1-29Electronic Data Processing of Prescriptions
856 IAC 1-30Sterile Pharmaceuticals; Preparation and Dispensing
856 IAC 1-31Facsimile Machines
856 IAC 1-33-3Patient profile requirements
856 IAC 1-34Security Features for Prescriptions
856 IAC 1-35Pharmacy Technicians
856 IAC 1-36Temporary Variances
856 IAC 2-1Definitions
856 IAC 2-2Controlled Substances Code Number–Schedule I through IV
856 IAC 2-3Registration Information–Special Instructions
856 IAC 2-4-1Records and inventories
856 IAC 2-5-1Order form requirements
856 IAC 2-6Issuance, Filling and Filing Prescriptions
856 IAC 3-1-1Definitions
856 IAC 3-2Licensing and Operational Requirements

Requests for any part of this readoption to be separate from this action must be made in writing within 30 days of this publication. Send written comments to the Small Business Regulatory Coordinator for this rule (see IC 4-22-2-28.1):
Marty Allain
Director, Indiana Board of Pharmacy
Indiana Professional Licensing Agency
Indiana Government Center-South
402 West Washington Street, Room W072
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
Statutory authority: IC 25-26-13-4; IC 25-26-14-13; IC 35-48-7-8.

Posted: 02/14/2007 by Legislative Services Agency

DIN: 20070214-IR-856070060RNA
Composed: Mar 22,2023 8:46:11PM EDT
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