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Agency Correction
LSA Document #22-181(AC)

Under IC 4-22-2-38, corrects the following inaccurate references in the Indiana Administrative Code:
(1) In 315 IAC 1-1-1(a)(2)(A), delete "air pollution control board" and insert "environmental rules board".
(2) In 315 IAC 1-1-1(a)(2)(B), delete "water pollution control board" and insert "financial assurance board".
(3) In 315 IAC 1-1-1(a)(2), delete the entirety of (C) and (D).
(4) In 315 IAC 1-2-1(2), delete "IC 13-7-2, IC 13-18-1, 13-19-2 [sic, IC 13-19-2] [IC 13-9-2 was repealed by P.L.133-2012, SECTION 131, effective January 1, 2013.]," and insert "IC 13-13-8-3".

Filed with Publisher: May 18, 2022, 1:12 p.m.
Under IC 4-22-2-38(g)(2), this correction takes effect 45 days from the date and time filed with the Publisher.

Posted: 05/25/2022 by Legislative Services Agency

DIN: 20220525-IR-315220181ACA
Composed: Nov 29,2022 11:02:13PM EST
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