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Emergency Rule
LSA Document #22-8(E)


Temporarily adds provisions concerning reporting of abortion complications. Statutory authority: IC 4-22-2-37.1; IC 16-19-3-5; IC 16-34-2-4.7. Effective January 12, 2022.

SECTION 1. The definitions in this document apply throughout this document.

SECTION 2. "Abortion complication" means a condition listed in IC 16-34-2-4.7 that, in the reasonable medical judgment of the treating provider, arises from the induction or performance of an abortion.

SECTION 3. "Department" means the Indiana department of health.

SECTION 4. "Facility" means the following:
(1) A hospital licensed under IC 16-21.
(2) An abortion clinic licensed under IC 16-21-2-2.5.

SECTION 5. (a) The following persons shall report to the department each case in which the person treated a patient suffering from an abortion complication:
(1) A physician licensed under IC 25-22.5.
(2) A facility.

(b) In the case of a physician treating a patient at a facility, the physician and the facility are not required to separately report the same abortion complication. The physician and the facility must have a process in place to assure that the required report is made in compliance with this document and IC 16-34-2-4.7.

SECTION 6. (a) A report of an abortion complication shall be submitted to the department within thirty (30) calendar days of the date of onset of treatment for the reported complication.

(b) The report shall:
(1) include the information required by IC 16-34-2-4.7; and
(2) be made on the form prescribed by the department.

(c) A new report shall be made for any follow-up visits in which a new abortion complication is diagnosed and treated. The new report shall be submitted within thirty (30) days of the follow-up visit.

LSA Document #22-8(E)
Filed with Publisher: January 12, 2022, 2:55 p.m.

Posted: 01/19/2022 by Legislative Services Agency

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