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Information Bulletin #81 (First Amendment)

SUBJECT: Roster of Low Head Dams


A. Background
In 2020, the Indiana General Assembly enacted IC 14-27-7.3 to bring focus to the topic of safety at low head dams. A "low head dam" is now defined at IC 14-27-7.3-2 and this "roster" is defined at IC 14-27-7.3-3. In addition, a new chapter regarding the requirements for low head dams is found at IC 14-27-7.3-1, et seq.

Low head/in-channel dams are typically structures left behind by industrial activities early in the nation's history. The ownership of many of these dams has been obscured by time. In many cases, their original purpose has since expired, but they remain deceivingly dangerous. During periods of high water, these structures often create dangerous currents around, up, and downstream of the structure. These dams normally:
• span the entire river channel or stream width,
• have a noticeable change in elevation from upstream to downstream under normal flow conditions,
• are easily accessible to the general public for fishing and hiking activities,
• have a deteriorating structure and foundation, and
• create dangerous currents around the structure that can overcome paddled and even motorized watercraft.

While many low head dams may not pose a traditional safety of dam's risk and may not pose a recreational risk during very low water flow conditions, they can be deceivingly dangerous to those recreating during increased water flows or mild flooding conditions.

There is a significant difference in focus of "safety of dams" programs vs. "safety at dams". Recreation and boater safety near in-channel dams are not typically regulated by dam safety programs in states throughout the nation. As with most other state dam safety programs, Indiana's existing Regulation of Dams Act, IC 14-27-7.5 (active since 1961), focuses primarily on "safety of dams", meaning the structural integrity aspects of dams and the risk to downstream life and property, should a dam have an incident or failure that causes downstream flooding.

Low head dam mitigation involves a multi-disciplined, and multi-party collaborative effort. Public and private volunteer stakeholders have already begun several outreach and awareness initiatives. Collaborating stakeholders include dam owners, recreational users, private sector and non-profit groups, and federal/state/local agencies.

B. Document Purpose
This document creates a Roster of Low Head Dams (Roster) regulated under IC 14-27-7.3.

This document does not:
• Authorize or permit construction activities or modifications to any low head dams.
• Remove any obligation provided for by any federal, State, or local law, administrative rule, regulation, ordinance, or similar requirement.
• Preclude compliance with any other federal, State, or local law, administrative rule, regulation, ordinance, or similar requirement.
• Constitute verification that an identified dam owner is in fact the current legal or sole owner of a dam.
• Alter the statutory authority for State employees and their agents to enter privately owned land to assess the condition of a low head dam.
• Convey public access or easement rights to any low head dam across private property or to erect or maintain low head dam warning signage.


For the purposes of this Non-Rule Policy Document:
A. "Division" means the Division of Water of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

B. "Low head dam" has the meaning set forth in IC 14-27-7.3-2. A "low head dam" means a manmade in-channel structure in a watercourse that is capable of generating hazardous recirculating currents that pose a risk to public health and safety and causes the watercourse to have a vertical drop of twenty-five (25) feet or less. The term does not include:
(1) a dam with a downstream structure in place to dissipate the hydraulic energy of the water past the crest of the dam; or
(2) ramped impoundments which drop at slopes of five percent (5%) or flatter.

C. "Roster" has the meaning set forth in IC 14-27-7.3-3. The listing of low head dams in this document includes the location of each dam in Indiana and, to the extent feasible, the owner of the dam. If an owner cannot be identified, the roster must list the owner as unknown. The Roster is proposed by the Division and adopted by the Natural Resources Commission (Commission).

State ID #  Location County  Dam Name  Location  Name of Owner(s) 
Waterbody Name  Closest Road 

u/s – upstream

N - North

S - South

E – East

W- West 
2-3  Allen  Hosey (Maumee River)  Maumee River  N Anthony Blvd. and Niagara Dr. - d/s  Fort Wayne City Utilities 
2-4  Allen  St. Joseph River  St. Joseph River  State Rd. 930 - u/s and N Anthony Blvd.  City of Fort Wayne 
2-13  Allen  Spy Run Dam  Spy Run Creek  E 4th Street - d/s  Fort Wayne City Utilities 
3-7  Bartholomew  Q.G. Noblitt Dam  Flatrock River  Indianapolis Rd. d/s and Flatrock Dr. (E)  Noblitt Addition Owner's Association 
3-13  Bartholomew  East Fork White River  East Fork White River  State Rd. 46 - u/s  City of Columbus - Board of Public Works and Safety 
3-39  Bartholomew  Haw Creek N.E.  Tributary to Haw Creek  Rocky Ford Rd. - u/s  City of Columbus - Board of Public Works and Safety 
9-1  Cass  Pipe Creek Falls  Pipe Creek  S County Rd. 850 E - d/s and E County Rd. 275 S (W)  Thomas Marlott 
9-2  Cass  Lower Pipe Creek  Pipe Creek  S County Rd. 850 E - d/s  James A. Swanson Jr 
9-4  Cass  Logansport 10th. Street  Eel River  State Rd. 25 - d/s  Logansport Municipal Utilities 
9-6  Cass  Logansport 9th. Street  Eel River  State Rd. 25 - d/s  Logansport Municipal Utilities 
10-2  Clark  Tunnel Mill  Fourteenmile Creek  Tunnel Mill Rd. - d/s or New Market Rd.

Lincoln Heritage BSA 
10-4  Clark  Blackiston Mills  Silver Creek  Fourth Dam Rd. - d/s or Blackiston Mill Rd.

- d/s 
Larry & Nancy Beeler 
13-1  Crawford  Milltown  Blue River  Main Street - u/s  Johnny And Justin Hammond and others 
16-2  Decatur  Greensburg Water  Flatrock River  N US Highway 421 - d/s  Greensburg Water Dept 
16-3  Decatur  Westport Water  Sand Creek  W County Rd. 1100 S - u/s and W Laytons Dr. - u/s  City of Westport 
18-3  Delaware  Muncie Waterworks  West Fork White River  E Memorial Dr. - u/s and S Burlington Dr. (W)  Indiana-American Water Company Inc. 
18-7  Delaware  Pauline Street  West Fork White River  N Wheeling Ave. - u/s and W Washington Street - d/s  City of Muncie 
19-9  Dubois  Dubois-Patoka River  Patoka River  State Rd. 545 - d/s and N Cuzco Rd. - d/s  Indiana (DNR) 
19-27  Dubois  Jasper-Patoka River  Patoka River  State Rd. 164 or E 3rd Ave. - u/s and N Riverwalk - d/s  City of Jasper 
20-3  Elkhart  Elkhart River  Elkhart River  S Elkhart Ave.- d/s and County Rd. 9 or Prairie Street - u/s  Elkhart Public Works 
20-7  Elkhart  Bainter Town Dam  Elkhart River  County Rd. 142 - d/s  Elkhart County Parks & Rec Board 
20-8  Elkhart  Bonneyville Mill Dam  Little Elkhart River  County Rd. 131 - u/s  Elkhart County Parks & Rec Board 
20-9  Elkhart  Little Elkhart River  Little Elkhart River  State Rd. 13 and Miller's Cider Mill - u/s and Bristol Ave. (W)  Alta Miller 
20-11  Elkhart  Benton Dam  Elkhart River Hydraulic Canal  US 33 - u/s and County Rd. 31 - d/s  Elkhart County Parks & Rec Board 
20-14  Elkhart  Christiana Creek  Christiana Creek  Cassopolis Street - u/s and E Beardsley Ave. - d/s  City of Elkhart 
23-2  Fountain  Snoddy Mill  Coal Creek  S Stringtown Rd. - d/s and W County Rd. 640 S  Michael Horvath 
23-4  Fountain  Pratt  Little Shawnee Creek  Adams Street - bridge over weir  Michael Trueblood 
24-1  Franklin  Laurel Feeder  Whitewater River  Laurel Rd. - u/s, State Rd. 121 W and Dam Rd. E  Indiana (State Museum and Historic Sites) 
27-3  Grant  Old Mill  Mississinewa River  W/E Highland Ave. - d/s  City of Marion 
29-2  Hamilton  Riverwood Power  West Fork White River  E 206th Street - d/s IN-37 and E 211 St (East)  Duke Energy 
29-13  Hamilton  Williams Creek  Williams Creek  W 106th Street - u/s Spring Mill Rd. and Millridge Dr. (East)  David & Jacqueline Simon 
31-4  Harrison  Indian Creek No. 1  Indian Creek  State Rd. 337 or Old Hwy 135 - d/s  Corydon Water Utilities 
34-5  Howard  Kokomo Creek  Kokomo Creek  S Webster Street - u/s and Stadium Dr. (East)  City of Kokomo 
34-7  Howard  Kokomo Waterworks #3  Wildcat Creek  E Carter Street - d/s and S Reed Rd. - u/s  Indiana American Water 
35-1  Huntington  Salamonie River  Salamonie River  State Rd. 5 or S Wayne Rd. - d/s  Salamonie Mills Inc. 
35-6  Huntington  Belleville Mill  Salamonie River  W County Rd. 800 and Interstate 69 - u/s, S Belleville Rd. and W County Rd. 700 S (North)  Mike Driscoll 
36-3  Jackson  Seymour Water Co.  East Fork White River  E County Rd. 725 N - u/s and N County Rd. 760 E (East)  Indiana- American Water 
39-3  Jefferson  Camp Creek  Camp Creek  County Rd. W 1000 N - u/s and N State Rd. 7 (East)  Hoosier Hills BSA 
40-4  Jennings  N. Vernon Water Supply  Vernon Fork Muscatatuck  E Summit St and US Highway 50 - d/s  City of North Vernon 
40-11  Jennings  Muscatatuck River  Vernon Fork Muscatatuck  Muscatatuck UTC Rd. - u/s and E County Rd. 425 N (South)  Indiana (National Guard) 
41-4  Johnson  Thompson Mill  Big Blue River  State Rd. 252 or N Eisenhower Dr. - d/s  Town of Edinburgh 
44-1  Lagrange  Star Mill Lower Dam  Fawn River  County Rd. N 50 W - d/s and N State Rd. 9 - u/s  Star Mill Inc. 
44-1a  Lagrange  Star Mill  Fawn River  County Rd. N 50 W - d/s and N State Rd. 9 - u/s  Star Mill Inc. 
44-4  Lagrange  Ontario Millpond  Pigeon River  County Rd. 420 N - d/s and County Rd. N 390 E - u/s  Indiana (DNR) 
44-5  Lagrange  Nasby Lake  Pigeon River  N County Rd. 600 E - u/s  Indiana (DNR) 
44-22  Lagrange  Wolcottville Town  Little Elkhart Creek  N 1st Street Over the dam and N Main Street - u/s  Town of Wolcottville 
45-1  Lake  Hobart Deep River  Deep River  Liverpool Rd. - u/s and I-80 - d/s  Gary Community Schools 
46-12  Laporte  Jack Ragle  Galena River  W County Rd. 650 N - d/s  Peter Murphy 
47-5  Lawrence  Williams  East Fork White River  Williams Covered Bridge and Huron Williams Rd. - d/s and US Highway 50 - u/s  Indiana (DNR) 
47-6  Lawrence  Avoca State Fish Hatchery  Tributary Goose Creek  State Rd. 54 - u/s and Avoca-Eureka Rd. - d/s  Marshall Township 
48-1  Madison  Killbuck Creek  Killbuck Creek  E Grand Ave. - d/s  City of Anderson 
48-7  Madison  Pendleton  Fall Creek  Main Street - u/s  City of Pendleton 
49-1  Marion  10th Street - Eagle Creek  Eagle Creek  W 10th Street - d/s  Speedway Water Works 
49-2  Marion  Fall Creek Keystone Ave.  Fall Creek  Intersection of E Fall Creek Parkway N Dr. and N Keystone Ave. - u/s  Citizens Energy Group 
49-3  Marion  Harding St. Power  West Fork White River  S Harding Street - u/s  Indianapolis Power & Light1 
49-28  Marion  Shirley Lake Park  Pleasant Run  N Shadeland Ave. - d/s  Shirley Lake Park 
54-2  Montgomery  Sugar Creek  Sugar Creek  US Highway 231/Lafayette Rd - d/s  Crawfordsville Energy LLC 
55-21  Morgan  West Fork White River  West Fork White River  US Highway 67 - d/s  Indianapolis Power & Light2 
59-6  Orange  Lick Creek Dam No. 1  Lick Creek  State Rd. 37 - d/s  Town of Paoli 
59-7  Orange  Lick Creek Dam No. 2  Lick Creek  State Rd. 37 - d/s and close to US Highway 150  Town of Paoli 
59-8  Orange  Lick Creek Dam No. 3  Lick Creek  State Rd. 37 - d/s and close to US Highway 150  Town of Paoli 
59-9  Orange  Lick Creek Dam No. 4  Lick Creek  State Rd. 37 - d/s and close to US Highway 150  Town of Paoli 
59-14  Orange  French Lick Springs  French Lick Creek  State Rd. 56 - d/s  French Lick Springs Hotel and Country Club 
61-3  Parke  Mansfield Mill Pond  Raccoon Creek  State Rd. 59 - d/s and off S Mill road  Indiana (DNR) 
61-4  Parke  Raccoon Creek Bridgeton  Raccoon Creek  S Bridgeton Road - u/s  Michael & Karen Roe 
63-29  Pike  Winslow Water Supply  Patoka River  State Rd. 61 - d/s  Town of Winslow 
64-4  Porter  Roy Nicholson  Damon Run  N County Rd. 100 W - u/s  Arthur E. & Rosele E. Ostrowski 
64-17  Porter  Bethlehem Steel no. 2  Tributary Little Calumet River  US Highway 12 - u/s  Tecumseh Redevelopment Inc. 
64-18  Porter  Bethlehem Steel No. 3  Tributary Little Calumet River  US Highway 12 - u/s  Tecumseh Redevelopment Inc. 
64-19  Porter  Bethlehem Steel No. 4  Tributary Little Calumet River  US Highway 12 - u/s  Tecumseh Redevelopment Inc. 
64-20  Porter  Bethlehem Steel No. 5  Tributary Little Calumet River  US Highway 12 - u/s  Tecumseh Redevelopment Inc. 
64-21  Porter  Linde Dam  Little Calumet River  State Rd. 149 - u/s  United States of America 
67-2  Putnam  State Farm  Deer Creek  State Rd. 243 - u/s and close to Putnamville Correctional Facility  Indiana (DOC / DNR) 
67-3  Putnam  Big Walnut Creek  Big Walnut Creek  US Highway 231 - d/s  City of Greencastle 
67-5  Putnam  Old Cagles Mill  Mill Creek  W County Rd. 1200 S - u/s  Albert & Lily Killion 
68-1  Randolph  White River  West Fork White River  S County Rd. 1250 W - d/s  David & Christina Bragg 
68-5  Randolph  Sparrow Creek  Sparrow Creek  W State Road 32 - u/s  Richard & Melinda Waters 
69-26  Ripley  Bob's Creek  Bobs Creek  E County Rd. 1400 N - u/s  City of Batesville 
71-1  St. Joseph  South Bend  St. Joseph River  E Jefferson Blvd. - u/s  City of South Bend 
71-2  St. Joseph  Ball Band  St. Joseph River  Cedar Street - u/s  Edge Water LLC 
72-12  Scott  Morgan Packing Co.  Muscatatuck River  US Highway 31 and railway track - u/s  Morgan Packing Company & City of Austin 
72-42  Scott  Lexington Presbyterian Church Dam  Town Creek  State Rd. 203 - d/s  United Presbyterian Ministries Inc. 
73-3  Shelby  Old Monroe Mill  Flatrock River  State Rd. 9 - d/s  Ruth Davidson 
73-4  Shelby  Geneva Upper  Flatrock River  E Vandalia Rd. - d/s  Angie Mclaughling 
73-4a  Shelby  Geneva Lower  Flatrock River  E Vandalia Rd. u/s  Jack R Yeend 
84-5  Vigo  Markle Mill  Otter Creek  Rosedale Rd. - d/s  Vigo County Parks & Rec. 
85-6  Wabash  Stockdale Mill Dam  Eel River  State Rd. 16 - 100 yards down river  Stockdale Mill Foundation 
89-2  Wayne  Marlott Mill  Greens Fork  Sample Rd. u/s 213 yds  Chaley Sadler 
89-5  Wayne  Richmond Water Works  East Fork Whitewater River  Hayes Arboretum Rd. - u/s Close to Elks Country Club Rd.  Indiana American Water 
89-13  Wayne  Whitewater Gorge  East Fork Whitewater River  692 yards. tall bridge. Richmond Ave.  City of Richmond 
89-15  Wayne  Nettle Creek Mill  Nettle Creek  Tumike Rd. - d/s  Marjorie T. Myer 


IC 14-27-7.3-4 requires periodic amendment of this Roster. At least annually, DNR will review the information included within the Roster and propose necessary revisions for the Commission's consideration.

Low head dam structures have the potential for removal from the Roster if the low head dam no longer poses a risk to public health and safety. An owner may contact the Division and pursue removal from the Roster by the deconstruction and removal or modification of the low head dam. The Division shall consider the expectations of IC 14-27-7.3, the considerations identified in Section III above, before recommending the removal of a structure from the Roster.

Updated information will be maintained by the DNR. The DNR anticipates that it will maintain information for low head dams that includes construction permit applications received, permitted, denied, terminated, and an updated list of low head dams built, modified, or removed.


The initial notice to owners of low head dams on the Roster under IC 14-27-7.3-5(5) shall include the right to appeal the placement of a structure on the Roster through administrative review as provided under IC 14-27-7.3-14.

A person may obtain administrative review from the Commission for the listing of a low head dam by filing a petition under IC 4-21.5-3-7 at the following address:

Division of Hearings
Natural Resources Commission
Indiana Government Center North
100 North Senate Avenue, Room N103
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2273; or


This Information Bulletin was first published in the Indiana Register on June 9, 2021 (20210609-IR-312210212NRA). On September 21, 2021, the Commission approved this First Amendment making technical changes.
1This owner may also be known as "Applied Energy Service" or "AES Indiana".
2This owner may also be known as "Applied Energy Service" or "AES Indiana".

Posted: 10/20/2021 by Legislative Services Agency

DIN: 20211020-IR-312210450NRA
Composed: Nov 27,2022 3:14:58AM EST
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