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Economic Impact Statement
LSA Document #20-607

IC 4-22-2.1-5 Statement Concerning Rules Affecting Small Businesses
The Indiana Department of Health (the "Department") is seeking to amend 410 IAC 3-3-3 to add to the list of disorders all newborns and infants shall be screened for and 410 IAC 3-3-13 to increase the fee charged for newborn screenings to cover the cost of screening for the new disorder.

Economic Impact on Small Businesses
The following section provides responses to the following questions outlined in IC 4-22-2.1-5:
1. Estimate of the number of small businesses, classified by industry sector, that will be subject to the proposed rule.
IC 5-28-2-6 defines a small business as a business entity that satisfies the following requirements:
(1) On at least fifty percent (50%) of the working days of the business entity occurring during the proceeding calendar year, the business entity employed not more than one hundred fifty (150) employees.
(2) The majority of the employees of the business entity work in Indiana.
There are approximately seven (7) licensed birthing centers that are subject to the rule. The eighty-six (86) Indiana hospitals that deliver babies, which are subject to this rule, do not meet the definition of a small business.

2. Estimate of the average annual reporting, record keeping, and other administrative costs that small businesses will incur to comply with the proposed rule.
The proposed rule amendment will not impact any reporting, record keeping, or other administrative costs for small businesses. Birthing centers are only permitted to deliver a normal or uncomplicated pregnancy. Therefore, if a pregnant patient or infant is diagnosed prenatally with a medical condition, the delivery and any necessary treatment or procedures postnatally would occur at a hospital. These changes should not make a difference in how small businesses will comply with newborn screening requirements.

3. Estimate of the total annual economic impact that compliance with the proposed rule will have on all small businesses subject to the rule.
Compliance with the proposed rule amendment imposes no economic impact on small businesses. The seven licensed birthing centers are the only "small businesses" subject to the rule. Adding a new condition should not have a fiscal impact on a birthing center.

4. Statement justifying any requirement or cost that is imposed on small businesses by the rule; and not expressly required by the statute authorizing the agency to adopt the rule; or any other state or federal law.
The proposed rule amendment imposes no cost on small businesses.

5. Regulatory Flexibility Analysis
No regulatory flexibility analysis is necessary because the proposed rule amendment imposes no costs on small businesses.

Posted: 07/14/2021 by Legislative Services Agency

DIN: 20210714-IR-410200607EIA
Composed: Feb 04,2023 9:20:35PM EST
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