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Economic Impact Statement
LSA Document #17-214

IC 4-22-2.1-5 Statement Concerning Rules Affecting Small Businesses
Estimated Number of Small Businesses Subject to this Rule:
In 2014 (the most recent year for which compiled statistics are available), the United States Small Business Administration indicated there were 105,176 Indiana businesses with 1 – 499 employees; of these, 91,082 had
1 – 20 employees. When classified by industry sector, the greatest number are found in "Other Services (except Public Administration)", followed by "Construction", "Professional, Scientific and Technical Services", "Retail Trade", "Health Care and Social Assistance", "Accommodation and Food Services", "Manufacturing", and "Real Estate and Rental and Leasing". A more complete list is found at Indiana Small Business Profile, 2017 https://www.sba.gov/sites/default/files/advocacy/Indiana.pdf. The actual number of small employers under IC 5-28-2-6 may be less.
While this number may have increased or decreased since the most available reported data, any small business in Indiana may use White River State Park (the "Park") if it chooses to do so, and will be subject to these Rules (as will all users of the Park).

Estimated Average Annual Reporting, Record Keeping, and Other Administrative Costs Small Businesses Will Incur for Compliance:
Except for the de minimis time required to fill out an application for an activity requiring written consent, the Rules do not require reporting, record keeping, or other administrative functions for compliance.

Estimated Total Annual Economic Impact on Small Businesses to Comply:
The Rules apply to all users of the Park (individuals, small businesses, large businesses). Even without the Rules, all users of the Park are required to submit an application for exclusive use of a venue and pay the associated rental fees.
(See https://www.whiteriverstatepark.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/2017-Application-Whiter-River-State-Park-1.pdf)
The Rules provide that event sponsors may screen for weapons, but at the sponsor's expense. If a small business sponsors an event at the Park and wishes to screen for weapons, it will have to bear this cost. Screening is not mandatory, but is available as a sponsor option. The cost is solely within the control of the small business and cannot be estimated by the Park.
If an applicant for an event (which may include a small business) wishes to engage in one of the activities requiring written consent from the Commission or its designee (as proposed by 935 IAC 1-5-2), the applicant will have to make a written request for permission. This requirement may take anywhere from 5 – 15 minutes depending on the complexity of the request.

Justification Statement of Requirement or Cost:
The Rules are necessary to protect public property, public safety, and security by setting reasonable parameters around park hours and prohibited activities. The economic impacts described above are minimal and apply to all users of the Park.

Regulatory Flexibility Analysis of Alternative Methods:
To be effective, the Park's Rules must apply to all users of the Park. Making small businesses exempt would defeat the purpose of the Rules: to enhance the safety and security of all Park users.

Posted: 10/04/2017 by Legislative Services Agency

DIN: 20171004-IR-935170214EIA
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