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Notice of Intent to Adopt a Rule
LSA Document #10-122

Under IC 4-22-2-23, the Indiana State Board of Animal Health intends to adopt a rule concerning the following:

OVERVIEW: The rule will change the laws governing the slaughter of livestock and poultry and the processing of meat and poultry products by updating and adding federal rules incorporated by reference. The rule will make other changes to the law governing the slaughter and processing of meat and poultry products, 345 IAC 9 and 345 IAC 10. Effective 30 days after filing with the Publisher. Questions and comments on the proposed rule may be sent to the Indiana State Board of Animal Health, Attn: Legal Affairs, 805 Beachway Drive, Suite 50, Indianapolis, IN 46224, or by electronic mail to ghaynes@boah.in.gov. Statutory authority: IC 15-17-3-21; IC 15-17-5.

For purposes of IC 4-22-2-28.1, the Small Business Regulatory Coordinator for this rule is:
Gary L. Haynes
Director of Legal Affairs
Indiana State Board of Animal Health
805 Beachway Drive, Suite 50
Indianapolis, IN 46224
(317) 227-0300

Posted: 03/03/2010 by Legislative Services Agency

DIN: 20100303-IR-345100122NIA
Composed: Sep 29,2023 4:24:58PM EDT
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